Joe Parrish, Licensed Professional Counselor

I grew up in Oregon and have lived much of my life in the Willamette Valley where my ancestors established our family farm over 150 years ago.

I’ve spent time abroad in Europe and have lived in different parts of the western United States, but have always maintained my connection to Oregon.

Mental Health Therapy and Mindfulness

I have a strong relationship to the natural world that has influenced and expanded my interest in mindfulness.

Hiking, mountaineering and sitting in nature have given me numerous opportunities to cultivate mindfulness by engaging in activities that demand my attention. Through stillness and curiosity, I am able to be in the present with others, too.

Grounded in this practice of mindfulness, I specialize in working with clients who have experienced various forms of trauma. I incorporate affirmative therapy approaches with clients who identify as LGBTQI.

I have found that the majority of my clients have endured some form of trauma and that by helping them to live fully and completely, life’s challenges can be navigated with a sense of strength and curiosity.

Counseling Education and Experience

I have a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Pacific University. After graduating, I moved to Montana where I started a private practice and became keenly aware of the obstacles for those living in rural settings.

I returned to Oregon to take a position in county mental health where I worked closely with those facing extreme challenges on a daily basis. Through these experiences, I was inspired to focus on the impact of past trauma and how it affects us in the present.

By engaging in acute mindfulness practice with my clients, we learn how to access resources that exist within us helping us to feel aware and present in coping with life’s difficulties from an empowered perspective.

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