A group of people standing next to each other.

How to Create More Generosity in Your Life

When you think of being more generous, what comes to mind? Do you think about donating money to help a cause? Do you consider volunteering time so that others may benefit? You have a desire to be generous, but there’s something holding you back. Maybe the last time you were generous, it wasn’t appreciated. You […]

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How to Practice Mindfulness Daily (And Cultivate Your Attention)

Your life can feel like the inside of a pinball machine — and you’re the pinball. Your attention flicks from one thing to the next, demanding that you give your best toward that which demands your attention. You feel like you have little control over where your attention goes. When you’re doing one thing, your […]

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5 Daily Practices to Transform Your Outlook on Life

You’ve had a bad day. The world is “out to get you.†All you want is to be accepted for who you are as a person. You’re having a hard time believing what you feel deep inside yourself because the world you live in does not encourage you to be yourself. Your thoughts and self-talk […]

A man sitting on top of a mountain looking at the sky.

How To Build Resilience In The Face Of Trauma

You’re seeking a better life, a way to handle your trauma in a healthy, proactive manner. You’re aware that your trauma is affecting your life, but you’re not entirely sure how to approach it. In fact, you’re looking to pursue a higher level of well-being, but the recovery, healing, and support you need seems nonexistent […]