trauma processing techniques

A woman sitting on top of a mountain looking at the sun.

5 Daily Practices to Transform Your Outlook on Life

You’ve had a bad day. The world is “out to get you.†All you want is to be accepted for who you are as a person. You’re having a hard time believing what you feel deep inside yourself because the world you live in does not encourage you to be yourself. Your thoughts and self-talk […]

A man sitting on top of a mountain looking at the sky.

How To Build Resilience In The Face Of Trauma

You’re seeking a better life, a way to handle your trauma in a healthy, proactive manner. You’re aware that your trauma is affecting your life, but you’re not entirely sure how to approach it. In fact, you’re looking to pursue a higher level of well-being, but the recovery, healing, and support you need seems nonexistent […]